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 The 50 50 Labradoodle

The 50 50 Labradoodle is a happy 50% mix of pure Australian Labradoodle and 50% English Origin - incorporating the best of  both types of Labradoodle and producing hybrid vigour and great intelligence at the same time.

In a typical 50 50 litter the majority of the puppies will have good quality LOW shedding fleece coats.  Not tight curls, but loose that move with the dog as it runs.  One or two puppies in a litter will follow the Dam and have a coat that sheds and is more coarse and scruffy. 

These wonderful dogs are proving to be immensely popular and their great characters and placid temperaments make them easy to train, excellent with children and other animals and a good choice for a first time family pet.

Here are some outstanding examples of 50 50s bred by Rais Doodles and Doodledoos.  50 50 Litters featured on this site will be distinguished by the following Shield.