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Unbroken Lines = 100% ASD








































A 100% Australian Labradoodle will have it's pedigree stretching right back with UN-BROKEN lines to the Founders - ie
Rutland Manor and/or Tegan Park.
The UK Australian Labradoodle Club will also add our own shields to show that these dogs are 100% genuine, authentic ASD ustralian Labradoodles and crowns to show they have been rigorously health checked and DNA tested for your peace of mind.



Here in the UK, we have English Labradoodles known as 'Labradoodle Origin' . These stem from the Labrador and Poodle parents, the First Generation Cross being referred to as F1, the Second Generation Cross as the F2
etc etc.


They are Labradoodle Origin.


The same is true for the Labradoodle Origins born in Australia - they are still Labradoodle Origin NOT Australian Labradoodles!

50 50s
The 50 50 Labradoodle is a term we use to describe a Labradoodle that is HALF English (Labradoodle Origin) and HALF Australian. Not to mislead people, we sell these puppies as 50 50s, not as Authentic Australian Labradoodles.  These are also known as 50% Australian Labradoodles. 75% Australian Labradoodles is a term we use to describe a Labradoodle that is ONE QUARTER Labradoodle Origin and THREE QUARTERS Australian.

Broken Lines





































There are many beautiful and superb examples of Australian Labradoodles that have their pedigrees showing 'broken lines' to the Founders.

These dogs are not classed as 100% ASDs and cannot be classed as pure ASDs, but are still great dogs all the same and classed as Australian Labradoodles.

Some can have 3-4 breed infusions or can reach the 3-6 infusions, but only by using the RM/TP lines. Stud Dogs can be used which are part ASD. The Gene Pool here in the UK is so small, that it is necessary sometimes to breed from dogs with Broken Lines. 


These dogs are STILL rigorously health tested and are outstanding examples of the breed and bring sound temperament and quality breeding into the Gene Pool.

These dogs will also carry the Crowns to show that they have all the necessary health testings carried out.

Australian Labradoodle Broken Lines

The Australian Labradoodle is an awesome dog, Born to Serve and happy to do just that. With an outstanding temperament and character these wonderful dogs have a fabulous non shedding coat sometimes making them ideal family pets for those who suffer from allergies.

The Founders of the Australian Labradoodle infused 4-6 breeds to make up the Australian Labradoodle or ASD Australian Service Dog.

Visit our Accreditation page for details on Breeders who are Members of this Club and have been Awarded UKALC Crowns for Health Testing their Breeding Stock.


Despite having a brief history, the Labradoodle's distinguishing characteristics are extensive and is a fast growing breed in popularity, not least because of it's outstanding qualities as loveable and highly intelligent family dogs, suitable for children and adults of all ages.

Smart, fun and highly trainable, the Labradoodle is enjoying a meteoric rise in popularity and is now recognised as one of the top ten favourite family dogs. Their natural affinity with children and lovable, playful characters make them ideal companions to the young and old alike. Sociable, brave and exuberant, they become an 'extra child' to so many homes.

The Australian Labradoodle has a coat type that has been developed by infusing 5-6 different breeds over the years to achieve a non-shedding coat. Depending on the type of allergy, an Australian Labradoodle may be the answer for your family.

They DO cost a lot of money and the reasons for this are that if you buy your puppy from a reputable breeder, the cost of the health testings, certifications, excellent puppy care and routine veterinary attention is all absorbed within the price of a good quality puppy. Breeders of Australian Labradoodles have made huge investments of not just money, but also time, into their puppies and breeding stock, so the cost is therefore passed down to the buyer.

The Australian Labradoodle



Breeders of 100% Australian Labradoodles, all raised in the family home with young children, also exporting experience.  All 100% Litters carry the THREE CROWNS.

ASD Unbroken Line

ASD Unbroken Line

ASD Unbroken Line

ASD Unbroken Line

Broken Line

Multi Gen Australian Labradoodle

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