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We understand that approaching a Australian Labradoodle Breeder, finding a beautiful puppy from a reputable source, and often making a long journey to visit, can be quite a task!

Here at the UK Australian Labradoodle Club, we aim to help you seek reputable Australian Labradoodle Breeders, with sound credentials, who carry out all the necessary health testings on all their breeding stock, care and love their dogs as well as breeding with integrity and from Australian Labradoodles with wonderful character and temperament.

The following breeders can be recommended by the UKALC as breeders who do all the above (and often more!) and who strive to preserve and protect these awesome dogs.

The breeders and their Health Certificates are thoroughly checked and it is their DOGS that receive Accreditation based on the Health Testings performed on Breeding Stock, rather than the Breeder themselves.

UKAustralian Labradoodle Club Member Breeders will be able to supply you with a pedigree for your puppy which will clearly state whether your puppy is 100% ASD or an Australian Labradoodle with BROKEN LINES.

Please be aware that when searching for a puppy, the breeder will ask about your lifestyle. This is perfectly normal and can often initially be done by an online application form. This is purely the first step a breeder takes in distinguishing ownership suitability. The breeders themselves have to take similar steps in order to join the UKALC Membership. In some cases, breeders may ask for a deposit from a prospective customer. This is also quite acceptable and is required as a commitment to the breeder.


Please note that all Health Testing Results/Documentation is the private property of each breeder.  Our Member Breeders are not obliged to supply copies of these documents to prospective owners.  The documentation can however be viewed at the Breeder's premises at the discretion of the breeder.

We are aware of some breeders who bogusly claim on their website to be Members of the UKALC. If they are not on our Members List, then they are NOT Members of this club.
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