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Code of Ethics


All Members of the UKALC have agreed and signed and adhere to the Code of Ethics so that you can have confidence when acquiring a puppy from them that they pledge to the Code of Ethics below.

Our puppies are born and socialised within the family unit, mixing from an early age with young children and other pets.


Our dogs are properly housed, fed, watered and exercised.

We are Licenced Breeders with our Local Authority (ie more than 2/3 litters per year)


We will not breed from any bitch from approx under 17-18 months, but 18 months old preferably, for miniatures and 2 years old for standards and not over 6 years of age with no more than 4/5 litters in a lifetime.


We will not breed from any dog that has not been hip/elbow scored, BVA Eye Tested, Optigen DNA tested for prcd/PRA, vet checked before mating, and will not breed on consecutive seasons.


We will ONLY breed from parents of sound temperaments.


We do not not sell our puppies or dogs to pet shops, or to be given as a prize in a contest of any kind.


We ensure all our dogs have the appropriate vaccinations and veterinary attention when required.


We provide written instructions (diet sheet, helpful hints etc) to all new owners on physical, emotional and social care.


We provide written instructions on all dietary, worming, exercise, training and immunisation requirements and can offer advice regarding insurance with each puppy.


We will not knowingly misrepresent, advertise or mislead anyone regarding the characteristics of any dog.


We ask all new owners to enter into a Puppy Contract - giving both parties peace of mind. 

All puppies must be ESN'd before leaving for their new homes.


We will only sell dogs to homes that can offer happy healthy lives and responsible ownership to our puppies and will help with re-homing should circumstances change.


All our Puppies are microchipped.


We reserve the right to decline selling a puppy/adult dog to a prospective new owner for whatever reason.


We offer an after-care service, for as long as you and your new puppies need us.


Any Labradoodles with Australian infusions will be spayed and neutered, microchipped, flead and wormed and had their first vaccinations before leaving for their new homes. This incurs a cost of approx £200 which is absorbed within the cost of each puppy.



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